ESTIM – IT Operation Management are the required modules for the initial stages of ITSM implementation.

Incident Management

ESTIM, you can take advantage of a robust incident management module that builds on industry standard ITSM best practices, customizing features to suit your IT management needs.

Request Fulfillment

In ESTIM Request Management, a request is a service offer resulting from the definition of a service request.

Problem Management

ESTIM Problem Management helps identify the cause of errors in IT infrastructure, which are reported as related events. Problem Management is responsible for managing the life cycle of all issues and for preventing the resulting problems and incidents from occurring.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process of gathering, analyzing, storing, and sharing knowledge that is created within an IT service desk. It is designed to assist service desk teams to make the right decisions throughout the service life cycle and the incident resolution process by efficiently controlling and handling the flow of information.

Service Catalogue

Service Catalogue automates workflows and approvals without code to enable organizations to improve customer experience, accelerate service delivery, and reduce operational costs.