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ESTIM Software is an application that can help automate your service Management. ESTIM Software has been used by over 30 Organisations & Enterprises to automate their service management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I get a FREE TRIAL version?

    Yes, the TRIAL version is available and FREE to use. ESTIM’s policy sets that the active period for TRIAL version is 2 (two) weeks. The instance will be removed upon expiration.

    You may request for TRIAL version using the following link and you will get an access to your TRIAL version after your request is approved by ESTIM. Please request the ESTIM TRIAL version using your corporate email address.

  • How do I subscribe ESTIM?

    You can subscribe ESTIM by clicking the following link, you will be notified after your request for subscription is approved. You may access the instance directly after the payment completion is validated by ESTIM.


    if you already have an active TRIAL Version you can subscribe by clicking the UPGRADE option within your TRIAL Instance.

  • How much is the License and ESTIM Pricing Schema?

    The license is applied for Fulfiller user only (IT or Support User). Customer or requester users will not be charged or require a license. Please read the illustration for ESTIM Licensing.

    A company have 1,000 employees that will use ESTIM to report their incident or submit their request. ESTIM will not apply any license for them, which means that they will be able to access ESTIM for FREE. On the other hand, to support 1,000 employees, the company assigns 30 IT Staffs as the member of Support Team or Fulfiller Team, which means that the company needs to subscribe for 30 Licenses.

    For the License Pricing, please refer to the following section Click Here

  • Is there a minimum number of licenses that must be purchased for a first time subscription?

    A company can subscribe ESTIM with minimum subscription of 10 Licenses. The license type is Named-User-License, which means that 1 license can only be allocated for 1 username. The additional subscription can be purchased with minimum purchase of 5 Licenses.

  • Is there a time limit for committing to a subscription?

    The Minimum purchase period is 1 year. The company will pay the license invoice upfront, upon instance activation. There is no refund policy, when a company decide to stop using ESTIM after 30 days since the instance is activated.

  • Are there any pre-requisite requirements before using ESTIM?

    Not at all, the ESTIM is a Software as a Service and a Cloud solution. There is no requirement for the customer to provide servers, storage, databases, or any other infrastructure or software. You just need to SUBSCRIBE and Use the system.

  • Does ESTIM Provide On-Premise installation other than Cloud?

    Yes of Course, ESTIM is available for purchase as a subscription or you can install on your own server. Our on-premise model is divided into two schemas:

    1. Perpetual Model
    2. Subscription Model

    for more details on the on premise model, please contact our support team

  • Do I have to configure ESTIM before operating ESTIM?

    ESTIM out-of-the-box is configured following best practices and standard requirements, which means you can directly use ESTIM as it is. All documentations can be accessed by the customers in the knowledge base. However, there will be several adjustments for the company foundation data, for example username, group member, user location.

    There’s, no need to be concerned because we’ve included a configuration wizard to help you set up your company’s foundation data.

  • What about ESTIM Support?

    ESTIM provides 24 x 7 support for any issue and request from customers all over the world. ESTIM Service Desks will response within 2 hours. If necessary, our technical team will communicate with the customer’s person-in-charge using email or video conference.

  • How good is ESTIM Availability?

    ESTIM Cloud Provides 99.5% Availability (Up-time) for each customer instance. 0.5% is the maximum UNPLANNED Downtime. SLA achievement and variation will be displayed on the Customer Dashboard.

  • How do I request for Refund?

    The refund policy will be applied for any request within 30 days since instance activation.

    You can email for refund request to our Customer Relationship Team